SUNY Upstate Medical University has great students.

Motivated students. Passionate students.

They enrolled here to pursue important, rewarding careers in health care. Some want to be hands-on healers in clinical settings, while others prefer the behind-the-scenes work of the laboratory.

SUNY Upstate Medical University With Distinction

"With Distinction" editor Jim McKeever. Photo by William Mueller.

There’s room at Upstate for all of them. We have four colleges  – medicine, nursing, health professions and the biomedical sciences — so we’ve got it covered.

Our students all have a story to tell about why they came to Upstate. And after they’re here, they do amazing things.

That’s what “With Distinction” is all about. We’ll highlight as many of our students and their accomplishments as we can.

And we won’t ignore our faculty. They’re a huge reason our students are so successful, so we’ll occasionally shine a light on  them in this space as well.

Spend some time with our students and with our faculty, and you will be inspired and hopeful about the future of health care.

The primary contributor to “With Distinction” is Jim McKeever, Campus Writer at SUNY Upstate since 2008. Send story ideas or potential blog items to Jim at mckeevej@upstate.edu.

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