Students win top awards at Biomedical Sciences retreat

SUNY Upstate biomedical sciences winners

Three Upstate students earned "best poster/abstract" honors at the College of Graduate Studies' annual Biomedical Sciences retreat. From left are Stuti Sharma (2nd place), Jing Bi (3rd place), Neva Watson (1st place) and faculty member Dan Tso, PhD.

Three students in Upstate’s College of Graduate Studies were honored with “best poster/abstract” awards at the college’s annual Biomedical Sciences retreat.

Neva Watson, Microbiology & Immunology, won first prize (and $200) for “The Role of SHP-1 in Virus-induced Myositis. ” Neva’s Principal Investigator is Paul Massa, PhD.

Stuti Sharma, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, won second prize (and $100) for “Characterization of the N terminal Domain of Subunit H and its Interaction with the Peripheral Stalks of the Yeast Vacuolar ATPase.” Stuti’s Principal Investigator is Stephan Wilkens, PhD.

Jing Bi, Cell & Developmental Biology, won third prize (and $50) for “Characterization of Myosin 1e Function in Maintaining Cell Junction Integrity in the Kidney.”  Jing’s Principal Investigator is Mira Krendel, PhD.

The annual retreat was held at the Welch Allyn lodge near Skaneateles. Matthew Miller, a Cell & Developmental Biology student in the lab of Scott Blystone, PhD, was student speaker. His talk was titled “The Formin FMNL1 Regulates Podosomes for Macrophage Migration.”

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