A toast to Match Day for graduating medical students at Upstate

SUNY Upstate College of Medicine

Some of Upstate's fourth-year medical students at Match Day, after learning where they will spend the next few years in medical residencies. Photos by William Mueller.

Last Friday was Match Day, the day that graduating medical students at Upstate and other medical schools found out where they will spend the next few years as medical residents — with the well-earned initials “MD” after their names.

Honored faculty member Dr. Barry Berg,  PhD, dressed in designer New York Yankees scrubs, was more optimistic about the prospects for Upstate’s graduating class than those of the Yankees, which pleased at least one student who loudly proclaimed her allegiance to the Boston Red Sox.

SUNY Upstate College of Medicine Match Day

Dr. Barry Berg toasts the College of Medicine Class of 2013 at Match Day March 15.

Moments before the 145 fourth-year students opened the envelopes that revealed their placements, Dr. Berg said Upstate graduates traditionally do well on Match Day. The class of 2013 upholds that tradition, he said.

“It’s been an incredible journey,” said Dr. Berg, who is retiring after 41 years on the faculty at Upstate. “Thank you for letting me be a part of it.”

Match Day, said Dr. Berg, represents the end of a long journey filled with enthusiasm, skepticism and excitement, “culminating in the arduous process of applying for residency.”

To those students who didn’t get their first choice of placement, Dr. Berg reminded them that “a hospital has thought enough of you to ask you to join them. That is quite an honor.”

Before raising his glass, and receiving a gift from Class of 2013 president Anthony Rossettie, Berg gave his final instructions.

“Make yourself as proud as we are of you — congratulations.”


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