Who Do You Ask For Health Information?

librarian at computerBy Mary Laverty, Family Resources and Services Coordinator

One of the missions of the Family Resource Center (FRC) in Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital is to provide accurate, authoritative pediatric health information to families in our community. After reading the Peds to Parents blog, Death by Misprint by Gail Banach, I started to think about all the health information questions patients and parents have asked me since I joined Upstate six months ago. Last week, the parents of one of our patients came to the Family ResourceCenter with questions. They told me their child’s doctor suggested they come in for more information about their child’s illness. Using some of the online sources supplied by Upstate Health Science Library, I was able to send them home with a hard copy of health information for their child and a web address for a reliable source of accurate health information for their future questions. The week before, a doctor asked me to go visit the family of another pediatric patient to offer help in finding some health information. Our pediatric chaplain asked me to do the same thing later that week. So, with iPad in hand, I was off to help these parents. In addition to helping parents and patients at the Children’s Hospital, I have been able to offer assistance to families outside GCH including the parent who called with a health related question and the grandmother who asked about juvenile diabetes at a recent Upstate sponsored story time outreach program.

Mark Twain and Gail Banach are right, “Be careful reading health books, you may die from a misprint.” Just imagine what Mark Twain would have said about health information on Google! Rest assured you and your questions about health information are not alone on the web.

From your home, office, school or camp, you are just a phone call (315-464-4410) away from our free services to help you locate trustworthy authoritative pediatric health information. Your phone call will be answered by one of our excellent FRC circulation desk staff members. They will ask for your name, phone number, or email address along with your health information questions.  Another option to connect you to our high quality health information is to email the Family Resource Center ( frc@upstate.edu ). Your email is sent directly to our pool of information specialists. An email will automatically be sent to you to let you know we have received your question. Then we go to work finding the health information you requested. We can provide you with information by phone, email, or snail mail.

If you are more interested in bookmarking a reliable source of health information on the Web to search yourself, the FRC web page (http://library.upstate.edu/) supported by the Upstate Health Sciences Library is the one.

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