Julie Herman photography on display in the Scholars’ Den

Artist’s statement:

I am interested in the spaces that people have forgotten. The places that once had function and purpose, but are now desolate and deteriorating. While photographing, I imagine the circumstances under which these locations became abandoned, and the stories of those who had been there. I enjoy exploring structures and discovering objects that weren’t important enough to save, yet were not worthless enough to destroy. Left in a limbo of sorts, these places and items are left to be consumed by the elements. The earth gradually reclaims man’s monuments? the wind and weeds slowly but systematically dismantling what we had once worked so hard to create. In vacant warehouses and factories, I trace the light as it streams through shattered windows and across broken machinery. Although the remnants of these structures are frequently seen as blights on the landscape, I find them to be beautiful tributes to our history.

Julie Herman received her BFA in photography from Alfred University in 2004. She loves to collect and experiment with antique film cameras, of which she now has forty seven. All of these photographs were taken using a medium format Mamiya, and the resulting negatives and prints were developed in a traditional darkroom. Julie is employed by Light Work, a nonprofit arts organization that supports emerging and underrepresented photographers.

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