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Our featured evidence-based Point-of-Care Apps for education and clinical practice this month were developed by Joshua Steinberg, MD and the SUNY Binghamton Department of Computer Science

ABG Acid-Base Eval                                                                                       

* What are common causes of metabolic acidosis? respiratory alkalosis?
* How do I calculate predicted pCO2? corrected bicarbonate?
* What is the primary acid-base disorder?
* Are additional acid-base disorders present, and if so, what are they?



   Lead Screen Guide

 *What are the indications for lead screening?
*How can I screen for other children who warrant blood lead level testing?
*How do I manage a blood lead level of 4, 13, or 57?
*Should I act any differently on fingerstick lead levels versus venous lead levels?
* If I find a child with elevated lead, what special history, physical, and workup should I do?
*What do the major national organizations recommend for childhood lead screening, such as            CDC, AAP, and USPSTF?

  PFT Eval                 

*What are the standard cutoffs for mild obstruction, severe restriction, etc.?
*How do I assess the quality of the PFT efforts before drawing diagnostic conclusions?
*What are common causes of acute and chronic restrictive lung disease?
*When could one consider methacholine challenge testing?
*What’s the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic restrictive lung disease and what are typical differentials?


Pneumonia Guide

*What criteria are useful in deciding which community acquired pneumonia patients should be   hospitalized?
*What are those three big-gun antibiotics for adult hospital acquired pneumonia, and what are  the alternatives for those with medication allergies?
*How long should antibiotics be continued?
*Exactly which pneumonia cases are considered to be hospital acquired?
*Which community acquired pneumonia patients require coverage for resistant organisms?
*Which hospitalized patients should be in the ICU?


*Who needs bloodwork before surgery?
*Who needs an EKG or a CXR?
*How do I handle patients on Warfarin, Aspirin, and Clopidogrel?
*Which patients are recommended to get perioperative B-blockers or statins?
*Which active cardiac conditions preclude surgery?
*How long after MI should a patient wait before surgery?
*Who needs bridging Heparin therapy, and which Heparin might I use?



* How long do I treat with Warfarin after a first DVT?
*Which artificial heart valves require that higher level of anticoagulation?
*How do I respond to an INR of 7.4?
*This pt needs Warfarin, how do I get it started?
*How long do I anticoagulate with Warfarin for A-fib before a planned cardioversion attempt?
*When do I give Vitamin K to reverse Warfarin anticoagulation and at what dose??


Link to the UpstateOnline article featuring Dr. Joshua Steinberg


The free software Apps listed here and other Apps developed by Dr. Steinberg are available on  itunes . (Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.)




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