August Art Exhibit – Twenty Something


Emily H. Tran is an enthusiastic, eccentric, eclectic only child. She was born in Syracuse, NY and has shown her paintings at central New York exhibitions. In 2013, she won the Al Bremmer award in the 50th Annual Juried Student Show and received her BFA at SUNY Oswego. Tran’s work is about color itself, using life imagery to attach onto, with music or nature as impetus. Juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity interest her. Tran uses gestural marks in addition to fine linear details. As a Chinese American, Asian art has coincidentally influenced her mark making, whist American Abstract expressionist have moved her in theories of purism and universal language. Tran works with children with developmental disabilities and plans to use art therapy to advance this involvement.

Artist Statement

My oil paintings are about color itself, presenting the pigment for appreciation. I use things in life, simply as starting points and imagery to attach onto. Interests of nature, music, and behaviors are translated into my work. Many paintings begin with an intuitive digital sketch. Music, for example can be broken down to rhythm, dynamics, and texture of the song. It is a challenging and exciting process to transform these into colors and shapes. Translucent and opaque layers are used to create a visual experience of color and texture. Working large allows me to naturally create the paintings with expressive marks and fluidity. This multiple process of technology and oil painting reflects the world I live in.

For more information on displaying art in the Health Sciences Library please contact Olivia Maggio at or by phone 315-464-7200.

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