July Art Exhibit – Journey of Faith

Exhibit Information

The photography of Upstate employee Lori Lucarelli, and the poetry of Karen Hinman will be on display on the first floor of the Health Sciences Library for the month of July. Their book “Journey of Faith” is also available to browse.

Journey of Faith

Artist Statement

In the summer of 2009, Karen Hinman was inspired to embark on a year-long disciplined journey to write a series of poems addressing sensitive issues that challenged her faith and spawned spiritual growth in her life. In many cases, these writings were very personal; however, Karen desired to share them in hopes that many would be encouraged and inspired as a result. For Lori Lucarelli, God has always used photography as a type of therapy: uplifting, encouraging, and a reminder of how much He is involved in everyday life. As Karen and Lori began to collaborate on this project, it proved to be a divinely orchestrated partnership. As you explore the writings and corresponding photos, take some time to contemplate and reflect on the deeper truths and meaning found in each poem, and be inspired as you take a ‘Journey of Faith’.


Lori Lucarelli & Karen Hinman
For more information on displaying art in the Health Sciences Library please contact Olivia Maggio at maggioj@upstate.edu or by phone 315-464-7200.

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