June Art Exhibit – Artist Assembly

The Artist Assembly is a group of local artists who primarily focus on fantasy or comic book art. The following five artists will have their work displayed on the Health Sciences Library’s first floor during the month of June.


Andrew Skinner

Andrew Skinner was raised in the small town of Central Square, NY. He started drawing at the age of four and spent much of his youth illustrating his most vibrant superhero fantasies. After attending Onondaga Community College and the State University of New York at Fredonia, he was inspired to search for methods of representing the world in the most satirical and surreal ways possible.  Skinner began his art career at Animotion Incorporated and is currently illustrating for “Salt City Syndicate” comic magazine put together by the Comic Book Assembly of Syracuse. Skinner also has several film projects lined up and is in the process of scripting an original series depicting a society centered on laws influenced by the philosophical ideas of Socrates and Plato. Andrew can be contacted at Skinner.Andrew952@gmail.com


Susann Snyder

Susann is a self-taught artist. Her only real formal art education came from her high school BOCES teacher Mr. ‘Ace’ ISAF. When practicing, she studied from the works of Boris Vallejo for his incredible knowledge and skill with human anatomy and worlds of fantasy. Julie Bell, Clyde Cladwell, Larry Ellmore and Keith Parkinson are also great influences on her work. Later, she fell in love with the manga styling’s of Yuu Watase and Kazuya Minekura. Pencil sketching, inking with technical pens, changeable tip ink pens, painting with ink, and drawing with colored pencils are Susann’s main forms of media, but she has dabbled with charcoal, watercolors, oil and acrylic painting. Susann’s work is often a mix of anime, fantasy, science fiction and animal studies. Susann can be contacted at http://shadoecat.deviantart.com1/ and Email: susann.snyder.1@facebook.com


Merissa Fitzgerald

Merissa is a Syracuse native and a mother of two boys. Merissa began painting in oils two years ago and has begun experimenting with acrylics. Alphonse Mucha, Maxfield Parrish, Theophile Steinlen, and John William Waterhouse are among her favorites and influences. Merissa is currently studying Psychology at Syracuse University and working on new paintings in her spare time.


James Wallon

James was born and raised in Syracuse, NY. A love of comic books and film since a young age inspired him to study art in high school. Further education at OCC introduced him to Edgar Degas, N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, and Michael Whelan. James mainly works in watercolors, pen, and sculpting but also works in charcoals, pencil, colored pencil, pastels, oils and acrylics. James is currently working as a freelance artist and makeup/fx artist for local film studio Fiendish Films. James can be contacted at Jameswallon@yahoo.com .


Colleen McCarthy

Colleen McCarthy is based out of Syracuse, NY. With a BFA in Graphic Design form SUNY Oswego, she works for a local corporation doing design with their marketing team.  The drawings displayed have been created in conjunction with a local theater for promotional purposes and are also available for purchase at the events. The medium used is a digital reproduction of files created in Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool. She has also done a number of commissioned portraiture pieces. A broader range of her work can be seen at http://www.dirtyrocknation.com/archives/colleen-mccarthy-drn-featured-artist or she can be contacted at collmcc@hotmail.com

Interested in displaying your art at the library? Please contact Olivia Maggio at maggioj@upstate.edu

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