April Photography Exhibit: Kenya and Tanzania

Photo Safari: Kenya and Tanzania

Jeffrey C. Freedman, Ph.D. and Tess Freedman, Ph.D.

Show Description

This past October, Drs. Jeff and Tess Freedman visited national parks, conservation areas and game reserves in Kenya and Tanzania, on a trip organized by Swarthmore Alumni College Abroad.  On this photo safari, they identified and photographed wildlife, including some 45 species of mammals and more than 100 species of East African birds, from ostriches to the lilac-breasted roller.  This show will present twenty of their favorite wildlife photographs.  Narrative descriptions will briefly indicate predator-prey relationships, how some East African mammals and birds are adapted to their specific habitats, some physiological consequences of their adaptations, how certain African birds, like the Sacred Ibis or the Secretary Bird, got their names, and other “fun facts”.


Artist Biographies

Jeffrey C. Freedman.  B.A. Swarthmore College; Ph.D. in Biology, University of Pennsylvania; has since 1979 performed research and taught Cellular Physiology and Medical Physiology at SUNY Upstate Medical University.  In February, he retired under the Distinguished Faculty Retirement Program.  He currently is Commander of Syracuse Sail & Power Squadron, and teaches boating safety and boating-related courses to the public at local high schools and at Oasis.  He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Citizens Participation Work Group on the remediation of Onondaga Lake.  An amateur photographer, he has exhibited in the “On My Own Time Art Show” at SUNY-Upstate, the Everson Museum of Art and at the Syracuse Museum of Science and Technology (MOST).


Tess Freedman.  B.A. Swarthmore College; Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, retired as Research Professor of Chemistry at Syracuse University where for many years she performed research and taught introductory and advanced chemistry courses.  She has also taught chemistry at Swarthmore College and Onondaga Community College.  An amateur photographer, her photographs are displayed at Onondaga Yacht Club, Liverpool, NY, where she is currently Vice-Commodore.  She has won photo contests of the Onondaga Lake Partnership, and has had photos in environmental publications of the Army Corps of Engineers and the Great Lakes Conservancy.

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