What’s Your Apptitude? First Consult Mobile App

Welcome to What’s your App-titude

Our monthly post to share information about Health Sciences mobile apps!

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Our featured app this month is First Consult from MD Consult.

 First Consult for Point-of-Care Evidence Based Answers to Clinical Questions

  •  Browse Medical Topics, and Differential Diagnosis
  •  View Clinical Presentations, Prevention and Treatment
  •  Retrieve updated peer-reviewed practice guidelines
  •  Access First Consult point of care content without direct data connection

How do I download the First Consult App?

  1. From the Library home page at library.upstate.edu, select MD Consult from the Popular Links list
    “Create an account” from within the institution’s database access
  2. Open the App Store on your mobile iPhone/iPad device
    Search for “First Consult“  Click “Free” “Install App
  3. Click “I use First Consult and know my username
    Enter your MD Consult username and password (from the personal  account created) and start using the First Consult App!


*Visit First Consult via the MD Consult database directly to access

  •  Full text articles from over 80 journals and clinics
  •  Over 13,000 patient education handouts
  •  Procedures integral to the practice of medicine
  •  Patient education by conditions, treatments, medications and specialty


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