Scholars’ Den Artist – Michael Moody

Michael Moody’s paintings will be on display on the 2nd floor of the Health Sciences Library from March through the end of May. The artist will have an opening reception at the library from 5pm-7:30pm on Friday March 15th.


Artist Statement

I love old art and the colorful detail, but it lacks ethnic representation. That’s where my versions come into play. I’m not copying and I don’t hate on anyone’s creativity. I attempt, at times, to create paintings of what I do not see in western European classical art, coming from the perspective of our era, during this, our life and times.

I challenge myself, with every new work, to produce not only good imagery but to create a mood or atmosphere that stimulates the senses and demands more than just a casual glance.

I also reject anatomical perfection because if I wanted a photograph, then as a photographer, I would use my camera. I just seek a colorful composition and a good design.

Photographs capture the moment, but my creations capture the imagination and the movement that only exists because I made it so! These paintings represent only a fraction of my art, but that’s because this gallery has but one room!


If you are interested in displaying your art at the Health Sciences Library, contact Olivia Maggio at

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