Have you registered for EEP Daily POEMs?

About Daily POEMs

Delivered directly to you by e-mail every Monday through Friday, Daily POEMs identify the most valid, relevant research that may change the way you practice. Monthly, the complete set is compiled and sent for additional summary review. Each Daily POEM is also added to the Daily POEMs database in Essential Evidence Plus, for easy future reference.

Ongoing since 1996, our editors now review more than 1,200 studies monthly from more than 100 medical journals, presenting only the best and most relevant as POEMs.

The acclaimed POEMs process applies specific criteria for validity and relevance to clinical practice. About 1 in 40 studies qualifies.

How do I sign up?

To get Daily POEMs email alerts you can sign-up or make changes through your “Personal Profile” or you can contact your librarian at library@upstate.edu. Read these instructions (pdf) for creating a personal profile, then click on My Account from the EEP homepage to set up your profile. Once created, log in and navigate to Email Options to select your delivery frequency (method) as show below.







Questions? Contact us at (315) 464-7091 or library@upstate.edu.

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