Updates to the Journals A-Z page

When you visit the Library’s Journals A-Z page, you will see a new look. The functionality of the page has not changed, you can still look for a journal by title or browse A to Z. However, the page displays new tabs, offering the option to also look for e-books. While this feature is available, not all e-books are included in this search. Therefore, we recommend you still use the original e-books page, which can be found on the homepage Popular Links, Electronic Books (and in the navigation under Find Books> Electronic Books).

Why include this e-book search if we don’t recommend using it? The HSL staff is exploring ways to make e-books more searchable, so please bear with us as we explore this interface.

Questions? Contact a Reference Librarian at (315)464-4581, or email library@upstate.edu.

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