Start accessing JBI EBP tools through OvidSP

The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) Evidence-Based Practice tools are also now available on Ovid.

JBI’s evidence–based practice model is considered a benchmark in the healthcare industry — encouraging healthcare professionals to implement effective evidence–based practice program to provide the best possible patient care.
JBI EBP Resources offer:

  • Content and tools that will help you implement evidence–based practice
  • Systematic reviews, recommended practices, evidence summaries, and more
  • Evidence to inform clinical practice — derived from JBI’s Global Collaborating Centers in over 40 countries
  • Summarized research in a format that is easy to locate, understand and distribute
  • Tools designed to help EBP policy and practice manual development based on evidence
  • Critical appraisal skill development using a tool to guide you through the steps
  • Resources designed to help assess quality of research

JBI via Ovid, and JBI Connect+ can be accessed via the library webpage. Go to Find Articles> Databases, and click the letter J for Joanna Briggs Institute.


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