Welcome Therese Straigis, new FRC Manager

Therese Straigis is the fulfilling the newly created position as the Family Resource Center Manager. As manager she supervises the FRC volunteers, work students, and staff that work in the FRC and fulfills the day-to-day operations.  She will be working closely with Mary Laverty to bring new ideas and fresh outlooks to make the FRC even better than it already is!

Prior to this position, Therese graduated from Temple University with a Marketing degree and commissioned into the Army through the ROTC program. She was stationed at Fort Drum, where she discovered the wonderful benefits to Upstate New York! Therese and her husband, Jason, love Upstate New York summers. They enjoy sailing Hobie catamaran, hiking, kayaking, and of course their dog, Merle Haggard.

During her time at Fort Drum she was a logistics manager, first line supervisor, resource manager, and during her Iraq deployment served as the security base manager. All these experiences have helped her gain the leadership skills she will need as the FRC manager. Therese left her Army family as a Captain to start a new adventure into the civilian work force.  She could not be happier to be a part of the HSL family and to start her first job in the “real world” as the FRC manager.

Please join us in welcoming Therese to the team!

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