Upstate Veterans’ Celebrated In Library Exhibit

The Health Sciences Library presents an exhibit to recognize and celebrate the men and women of Upstate Medical University who served in the American armed forces as medical personnel. The exhibit is on the first floor of the Library in the area of the “Wall of Fame” portraits (near the elevators), and consists of three display cases containing different facets of this service, World War I, World War II, a field medical kit, and the contribution of Syracuse nurses.

Van Duyn Unit WWI

One display recognizes the physicians who served in World War I in France as part of the “Van Duyn Unit” from the College of Medicine.

This unit was named after Dr. Edward Seguin Van Duyn who as a Major in the army served as their commander.

52nd General Hospital WWII

In World War II, College of Medicine graduates and faculty served in mobile hospitals in England. One such hospital features in the display is the 52nd General Hospital in Wolverly, England.

Field Medical Kit

A field medical kit from World War II demonstrates the kind of antiseptics, medications, water purifying pills and surgical kit used while on the battlefield.

Nurses in WWII

The contributions made by nurses from Syracuse University are also celebrated in a separate display. These nurses served mainly in the mobile 52nd General Hospital mentioned above.

Syracuse Nurses Serving in WWII



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