Scholars’ Den Artist – Ceil Pigula

On display now through the end of November in the 2nd floor Scholars’ Den!

Artist Statement

Ceil Pigula has been painting almost exclusively in watercolor for over 25 years.

Always having an interest in art, she experimented with oil, acrylic, and pastel before “falling in love” with watercolors.

For the most part, she is self-taught in this medium and likes to try new materials and techniques. A note-worthy aspect of Ceil’s work is its versatility of subject matter.  Sometimes it’s a pastoral country scene that inspires her, or a highly detailed still life, often times depicting a memory of something long past. ”I’m attracted to a variety of subjects, and have yet to find a common thread as to why I’m inclined to paint the things that I do.”

Detail and bold color are signature traits, as are the dynamics of light and shading. Ceil often incorporates a “negative painting” technique to achieve detail and creates depth of color by the slow, deliberate layering of paint. “I try to leave my comfort zone through variations of subject, technique, and materials. Each painting, if nothing else, represents a learning experience.”

Ceil has been the recipient of numerous awards and has had her work displayed in national shows, among them, the Adirondack National Exhibit of American Watercolors and the Cooperstown Art Association National Exhibit. She has been a Signature Member of the Central New York Watercolor Society since 1998, currently serving on its board of directors.


Contact Information:

Name: Ceil Pigula

Address: Camillus, NY

Phone: 315-672-3735


Personal website address:

If you are interested in displaying your art in the Health Sciences Library please contact Olivia Maggio at or call 315-464-7200.

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