It’s All About Color this January in the HSL Lobby

Seven knit objects by local artist Beth Caulfield are on display now in the Health Sciences Library lobby.

Artist Statement:

It’s all about color….

Nothing is black and white, no matter how hard we try, but color sparks our interests and brightens our lives.

Each of these knit objects represents a journey in color.

Artist Biography:

Beth Caulfield is the owner of Sheep Thrills Yarn Company in North Syracuse, NY. She has been knitting for 50 years and designing for over 20. A graduate of University of Denver with a MA in Education, Beth brings those skills to the eager students she teaches at Sheep Thrills.

To learn more about Beth and Sheep Thrills visit

If you are interested in displaying your artwork at the Health Sciences Library please contact Olivia Maggio at or 315-464-7200.

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