The Sweet-voiced Bird Has Flown – Scholars’ Den Art Exhibit

The Sweet-voiced Bird Has Flown:

Portraits of Common Birds in Decline

This exhibition explores birds that are experiencing population declines.

Each of the 20 artists has created a color painting and a monochrome sketch of a bird species. The painting shows the bird in its natural, undisturbed habitat. The sketch shows the same species with the environmental pressure that has caused its decline.

The exhibit is funded in part by the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. It will be displayed in the Scholars’ Den from September 2011 through November 2011.

Featuring Art by:

Paula Bensadoum

Henrike Burton

Nicole Carrier-Titti

Sally Clinton

Camille Doucet

Frances Fawcett

Lucy Gagliardo

Megan Gnekow

Gretchen Halpert

Shirley Hogg

Iva Lesky

Melissa Mance

Liisa Mobely

Elizabeth Morales

Margaret Nelson

Susan Bull Riley

Lousia Sandvik

Kathy Schlough

Camille Tischler

Susanne Williams

If you are interested in displaying your artwork at the Health Sciences Library please contact Olivia Maggio at or 315-464-7200.

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