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‘Expert Advice’: Your personal health information

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Upstate University Hospital chief medical information officer Neal Seidberg, MD, talks about a new era of technology where people are using wearable devices such as Fitbit™ to track daily activities and calories burned.  Seidberg says this type of personal information, if desired, may some day be shared directly with your healthcare provider’s electronic medical records.

Upstate’s electronic medical records system, called MyChart, is a secure, password protected account accessible exclusively to the patient, that allows them to securely access test results, request prescripton renewals, view recent clinic visits and request appointments.  For more information, visit, FAQ’s or call our MyChart Patient Support Line at 1-800-231-6899.  Read the “What’s Up At Upstate” blog: Why electronic medical records are good for patients


Exploring doctor-patient electronic communications

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Jennifer G Christner, MD Pediatrician Jennifer Christner, MD, associate dean for curriculum at Upstate Medical University, discusses her research showing that parents want to have email communications with their child’s pediatrician. She is joined by Neal Seidberg, MD, Upstate University Hospital chief medical information officer, will talk about Upstate’s MyChart program.  The program was implemented in January 2012, beginning with Upstate’s Family Medicine practice, and will expand incrementally to cover all Upstate ambulatory patients. 
Read the article: What parents want from emails with their pediatrician: implications for teaching communication skills