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A Tale of Two Boobies – One Year with Cancer

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Shelly StraubShelly Straub of Cicero thought that her nipple developed a dimple because she was getting older and because she had breastfed her daughters. She did not realize until she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer that dimpling can be a sign.

She was diagnosed in October 2013. By October 2014, she was recovered from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Soon after, she published a book called “A Tale of Two Boobies: One Year With Cancer,” which offers an organized perspective of her experience.

“I really wanted to remember my story,” she says. “It feels surreal, like I can’t believe that it really happened.”

The book carries a parental advisory on the cover, because of the graphic photos she includes. Straub discusses why she wrote the book and what that year was like for her.


Upstate’s new breast cancer survivorship program

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Jayne Charlamb, MDUpstate’s Jayne Charlamb, MD, medical director of prevention and survivorship, talks about a new breast cancer survivorship program for women who have completed their active treatment (chemo, radiation, surgery). The program focuses on empowering and educating participants to take an active role in decisions related to their follow-up care, wellness and comprehensive healthy living.  Support Services at Upstate.  For more information, call (315) 464-8224.