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‘Peds to Parents’ – Improving immunization rates in low-income populations

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Joseph B Domachowske, MD

Manika D Suryadevara, MD,Infectious disease specialists Joseph Domachowske, MD and Manika Suryadevara, MD, will reveal the reason why immunization rates among our local low-income population are now way higher than other parts of the country.  The pair led an effort to provide free flu shots to parents and children who registered for the Salvation Army’s annual holiday toy distribution, as part of a program designed provide education to participating families about the flu vaccine. Read the story

Read the study abstract: Community-centered education improves vaccination rates in children from low-income households
Estimated human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine coverage among adolescent girls aged 13–17 years, by number of doses— National Immunization Survey–Teen, United States, 2007–2012

Read the blog: Peds to Parents – Notes from Upstate Professionals to Parents and Caregivers

Understanding the clinical correlates of school violence

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Kevin Antschel, PhDClinical psychologist Kevin Antshel, PhD, helps us understand the clinical correlates, or relationship, between certain behavioral traits and school violence. Antshel is an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry at Upstate, and director of the Clinical Psychology Program at Syracuse University.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Certified nurse midwife Heather Shannon, director of Upstate University Hospital’s Midwifery Program, explains hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – what are they, what are bioidentical hormones, who are the candidates, what are the precautions and side effects.  In addition to addressing the primary care needs of a woman, the Upstate midwifery program team offers gynecological care, family planning, perimenopause and menopause management, among its services.  For more information, call 315 492-5875.

Ongoing challenges of families touched by mental illness

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

LLoyd Sederer, MDSpecial guest Lloyd Sederer, MD, medical director of the NY State Office of Mental Health, talks about the ongoing challenges of families touched by mental illness, and his new book The Family Guide to Mental Health Care.   What’s Up At Upstate: How to recognize mental illness in a loved one



Adrenal insufficiency 101

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Pediatric endocrinologist Roberto E Izquierdo, MDRoberto Izquierdo presents ‘adrenal insufficiency 101′ — what are the adrenal glands, who does this condition affect, how do you know you have it, and what happens during emergencies of illness or injury. He will explain why corticosteroids are kept on hand for people who have this condition.

Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes at Joslin

Upstate offers new procedure for treating severe, persistent asthma

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Upstate pulmonologist Robert Lenox MDRobert Lenox shares a new treatment option available for individuals suffering from severe, persistent asthma.  It’s called bronchial thermoplasty, and doctors say it can greatly improve the life of asthma sufferers, by lessening their dependence on harsh drugs and keeping them out of the emergency room for breathing troubles.  Upstate University Hospital is the only hospital in New York state outside of New York City to offer this procedure.

Read the story: Upstate offers new procedure for treating severe, persistent asthma

For more information, call 315-464-3835 (Upstate University Hospital’s downtown campus) or 315-492-5804 (Upstate’s Community campus).

8/12/12 New drug to treat hormone-resistant prostate cancer

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky, director of Upstate’s Prostate Cancer Program, talks about a new drug to treat hormone-resistant prostate cancer.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 315-464-1500

6/10/12 The importance of vitamin D

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Donna Bacchi, MD MPH Donna Bacchi, pediatrician and chair of Upstate’s Public Health and Preventive Medicine Dept, talks about the importance of vitamin D, including the diseases associated with deficiencies, how to determine your levels and the best sources of this vitamin.

5/13/12 Resistant hypertension

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Apurv Khanna, MDInternist Apurv Khanna, director of the Hypertension Clinic at Upstate, talks about ‘resistant hypertension’, or high blood pressure that is difficult to control.  Dr. Khanna will discuss the reasons for this condition and the testing and treatment the clinic provides.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Upstate Connect 1-800-464-8668

5/6/12 Antibiotic resistance

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Joseph B Domachowske, MDPediatric infectious disease specialist Joseph Domachowske discusses the issue of antibiotic resistance – how it is affecting more and more diseases, including e coli and gonorrhea – and whether there is anything we can do to make it better.

Read more about The Pediatric and Adolescent Immunology and Infectious Disease Center at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital.  Read the article Dr. Domachowske refers to: Gonorrhea Could Join Growing List of Untreatable Disease, from The Scientific American.

4/22/12 The ABC’s of vaccines

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Infectious disease specialist Mitchell Brodey discusses the ABC’s of adult immunizations – which ones are right for you?

2012 Adult Immunization Schedule, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

4/1/12 The dangers of synthetic marijuana

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Alexander Garrard, PharmDMichele Caliva, administrative director of the Upstate New York Poison Center, and clinical toxicologist Alexander Garrard discuss the alarming increase and dangerous effects of synthetic drugs.

Poison Center 1-800-222-1222
Breaking News New York State Health Department Bans Synthetic Pot
Poison Center launches aggressive awareness campaign: Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana