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Are mammograms adequate to find cancer in women with dense breasts?

Deepa M Masrani, MDKatherine A Willer, MDUpstDebra Malay RN BSNate radiologists Dr. Katherine Willer and Dr. Deepa Masrani are joined by nurse advocate Debra Malay RN BSN, to discuss a new law mandating radiologists to inform women with dense breasts that they may benefit from supplemental screening techniques such as breast MRI and breast ultrasound.  They caution that all women are at risk of breast cancer, and should consult with their primary care provider to assess individual cancer risk.  They also describe Upstate’s unique patient advocate program to guide patients throughout their breast care treatment.   

Two locations: Upstate Women’s Imaging Center at 550 Harrison Center and Wellspring Breast Care Center at Upstate University Hospital Community campus   For more information, or to make an appointment, call 315-464-2594.

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